The Félix Zurstrassen Trio's album with Nelson Veras on guitar and Antoine Pierre on drums will be released next year on the belgian label Igloo Records

The alto saxophonist Ben van Gelder will record with the trio as a guest. 






The first concert  of FELIX ZURSTRASSEN TRIO with BEN VAN GELDER was a BLAST. Looking forward to playing again with this amazing QUARTET at DINANT JAZZ FESTIVAL on Friday, the 27th of JULY 2018.










Photo by Jacques Prouvost                                                      02/04/2018



I want to thank Sabam for Culture to grant me this wonderful AWARD.

I feel pretty HONORED to have been awarded by the jury for my work as a sideman over the last years.


This prize comes at a special moment in my career. I'm launching my first project as a LEADER with my great friend and accomplice ANTOINE PIERRE on drums and the one and only NELSON VERAS on guitar.