NOVA ELUSIVE (February 2024)

NOVA - LIVE (May 2023)

NOVA is an international quintet led by Belgian bassist Félix Zurstrassen.


He is joined by some of the finest European musicians of their generation: Dutch alto saxophonist Ben van Gelder, Franco-Brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras, English pianist Kit Downes and Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre. Each of them possesses a singular musical identity combined with exceptional instrumental mastery.


Félix takes great care to ensure the musical development of each member of the group, composing a unifying repertoire that draws on influences from jazz, classical music and pop. Together, these five musicians create a luminous universe where the human values of listening, sharing and honesty are translated into music. The music draws on bonds of friendship, trust and respect that have been forged over the years between these artists.


Our partnership works to create lyrical, innovative music anchored with nuance and emotion in the present moment, with each of us devoting his talent to its service. 

 "Nova is an absolutely unparalleled jazz album that exudes international class" - Dick Hovenga, Written in Music


"Nova is a record as light as it is deep, a music that doesn't say everything straight away, made of multiple corners, and that reveals itself gradually" - Raphaël Benoit, Citizen Jazz


"With its original and sophisticated writing, the set of original compositions enchants and illustrates all the talent of Félix as a composer and soloist" - Claude Loxhay, JazzAround


"NOVA is explosive" - Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Mad - Le Soir

Pictures © Gaël Maleux